Through her work as socially engaged arts practitioner and therapeutic arts facilitator, Alexandra Blythe is currently examining a variety of questions on the origins of inspiration.

A particular dimension which has become apparent is the effect that one’s personal level of mental disengagement has on the qualities of spontaneous, or non-autonomous, creativity.

Considering such levels of disengagement to be a continuous spectrum; via logician, scientist and artist, through psychotic and beyond: the question is, how does one’s position on the spectrum affect, one’s ability to engage with, and one’s methodology surrounding artistic inspiration and interpretation?

Using film to negotiate theoretical praxis at various points of this spectrum: Alexandra Blythe has derived a methodology of comparison between different levels of engagement with inspiration, and through this research examined and strengthened her own artistic position.

Leaving audience engagement with, and interpretation of, each film open to question reflects the ethereal nature of the original proposition and the infinite variety of personal experience brought into play.

Moving on, post MA, Alexandra Blythe has found her curiosity particularly stimulated by exploration of information 'concealed' within film footage; whether it be the very pixels of digital imagery, the inclusion of subliminal information  or the effect of after-image on visual perception. This exploratory work may lead to further engagement in studies in this area.

More recent work is Informed by a deep love of science and nature,  with 2D work encompassing explorations of camouflage, information processing and interpretation, concealment and revelation.

Techniques and work most frequently fall into one of three categories: highly detailed pencil sketches exploring form, texture and tone; strong, almost graphic acrylic wildlife studies depicting mostly reptiles and insects examining processes of communication; and concealment or atonal abstract, highly textural studies of information presentation and process.

NEW WORK: Currently exploring installation as a medium for expression, see 3D and News pages here.

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