'British Citizenship

    Test #1'

(20" x 16")


'Celebration'  (18" x 24")      £250

'Strategies for Global Warming' (24" x 12")    £160

'Food Miles'  (12" x 12")      £120

Mugs now available!  £8 each (plus £3 UK postage per order)

Overseas shipping quoted on an individual basis

Any design shown above available (NB Landscape canvases better suited to mug design)

Contact via email to order (see contact page), payment accepted through Paypal.

'Catwalk' (24" x 20")    £250

Gallery 2

'Natural Selection'  (20" x 16")    £145

'Internet Dating'  (30" x 24")      £425

'Capuchin-O      Culture'    (16" x 16")        £185

'Environmental     Pressure'    

(30" x 24")      £375

More to follow soon...... Watch this space.......

'Lottery Win'

 (16" x 20")

​  £145



(24" x 12")    


'No Place like         Home'  

 (12" x 9")  


These paintings are loosely based on ideas that I developed whilst making Doll's House Miniatures (for 20 years, over 10 years ago now).

They aim to be gently anarchist, socio/eco/political, not quite cartoons. All are acrylic on canvas and for sale currently as originals only, though they will shortly also be available as prints, T-shirts, mugs etc.

No individual explanations are offered, please make of them what you will.  Get in touch via my contact page if you are interested in purchasing a painting or indeed, if you are baffled and need a gentle hint. (NB shipping not included in price below)

Please also see my facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/AlexandraBlytheArtist/) 

where you will find more information and 'work in progress' slideshows for each painting.

(Please note copyright on original artwork retained by the artist)

'Trending News'  (20" x 20")      £325


of the Press' (12" x 24")     £150

Gallery 1

Laughing at the Dark :

Click on each image to open.

'Marine Offensive' (12" x 32")   £165

'Rising Tide Levels'  (16" x 24")     


'Fake Fur'  (18" x 24")    £165

'It's dark, and we are

wearing sun glasses'

 (20" x 20")

​  £180

Alexandra Blythe MA Fine Art

Community Artist, Arts Facilitator and Film Maker